Gig Preview: REProduce Listening Room At Khoj

10 February 2016

Delhi based music collective REProduce will launch the first of their Listening Room series on 14 February at KHOJ Studios in New Delhi with Lifafa, and Audio Pervert and will mark the debut performance of Kolkata based duo – Jessop&Co.

The event series aims to “fill a gap in the ever iterating and increasingly varied community of live music in India by showcasing talent that might not get heard in the more mainstream oriented venues”. This is a space where you can focus on the sound without the added noise that comes with listening to music in a club property.

We’re very keen to listen to all three artists in KHOJ’s serene atmosphere. Although Audio Pervert and Lifafa have played before at more-high octane, dance focussed events, we tend to enjoy a lot of their individual production outside of those spaces. That also applies to Jessop&Co. whose thick, grainy drones would probably be met with worry and confusion at your regular Hauz Khas haunts.

If you fancy spending your Valentines day with the REProduce crew, we suggest you join in here on the event. The listening session will take place on KHOJ's sunny rooftop in the afternoon from 3pm to 8pm, and a nominal fee of Rs 300 will be charged at the gate. The team has just got Bira on board too for some free beer, so we're expecting a good time.

Head over to REProduce’s Facebook page and event for more information.


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