Consolidate Launches As A Label With ‘Peach Tea Since July’

5 January 2016

‘Cottage industry’ Consolidate is a Bangalore focussed platform run by Rahul Giri (_RHL and Sulk Station) that has been a year gestating, functioning up till now mainly as music blog, posting mixes and the odd tune on tumblr and SoundCloud.

Not only does the release of the collaborative ‘Peach Tea Since July’ mark the launch of Consolidate as a label, it also in a way validates the city’s principal position in alternative Indian music. It’s not just about talent - there’s legitimate individual talent coming from a lot of cities - it’s about creating a space to nurture truly original contemporary Indian music (without being gimmicky), which Bangalore has delivered over and over again.

A veritable contingent of musicians we love, including all of Machli (Maitreya Mer, Musharraf Shaikh, Pardafash aka Sandhya Visvanathan and Aniruddh Menon), new favourite Disco Puppet and Skippy came together for the tune. Beats based in hip-hop, ‘Peach Tea Since July’ dances through a myriad of changing textures and rhythms pacified by easy, undone vocals.

Listen to it for yourselves below and support Consolidate by downloading the track (for free) and following them here on Bandcamp. The platform is releasing much more music this year; follow it on Facebook, SoundCloud and Tumblr for updates. 'Peach Tea In July' is mixed by Disco Puppet and mastered by _RHL.

Art credit (thumb): Suren Makkar
Art credit (main): Aniruddh Menon


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