Littlei, Da Saz & Audio Pervert To Host SYNTHFARM Workshop

4 December 2015

Varun Desai of Kolkata’s Littlei has joined forces with Audio Pervert (Samrat B) and Da Saz (Lionel Dentan) for an extensive and comprehensive workshop that will focus on modular synths, live analogue jams and production. The workshop, christened SYNTHFARM, will take place from 4-6 December in Dattapukur Village, West Bengal.

“SYNTHFARM will engage in a series of introductions and discussions about synthesis [analog/modular/digital] and Ableton Live as a tool for composition, creative sound and live performance instrument. Based on a practical and operative attitude, attuned for tangible results, the workshop also dwells into the vast areas of psychological aspects of sound effecting our consciousness” - Varun Desai (Curator, Artist and Coordinator)

The three-day interactive workshop will be very useful for young producers looking to demystify the technology and theory behind sound and related fields of music synthesis. All three moderators are musicians themselves so you can be assured that you will be in good hands (Desai is also an excellent visual artist – you can have a look at some of his work on his Instagram account).

You can head over to SYNTHFARM’s Facebook event page for information and updates.


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