VOI Jeans & Wild City To Launch VOI Nights With Robot Koch

16 November 2015

Award winning producer and musician par excellence Robot Koch will be travelling to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore between 26-28 November to launch VOI Nights – an exciting new music property initiated by British apparel company Voi Jeans and Wild City that aims to introduce fresh Indian and international acts across the country.

Robot Koch’s India tour comes soon after the release of his new album, ‘Hypermoment’. This will be the second trip to the subcontinent for the Los Angeles based German producer. He’s toured once before in 2013 where he performed an unforgettable set at the flagship edition of Magnetic Fields festival. Koch – who has described his music ‘like Motown but with lasers’ – is back with his new album after a gap of four years.

‘Hypermoment’ is the follow up to the ‘TSUKI’ EP, which featured two collaborations with Indian producer Curtain Blue, whom Koch met at Magnetic Fields. ‘TSUKI’ came out via Modeselektor’s esteemed MONKEYTOWN record label, which had also released ‘Hypermoment’ earlier this month.

‘Hypermoment’ is testament to his constant evolution as a producer and artist, and also marks the debut of Robot Koch the singer (he lends his voice to three tracks, ‘Care’, ‘Serenade’ and ‘Fernwood’). The album delves into a deeper, more intimate territory with warm, saturated, analogue sounds, real world field recordings, lush pianos and emotive, soundscape like melodies.

Gig details for each of the VOI nights in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are listed below. Follow Robot Koch’s SoundCloud and blog for more music and information and Facebook for updates. You can listen to his beautiful track ‘Care’ (feat Julien Marchal) off his ‘Hypermoment’ LP below.

Tour details:

Thursday 26 November
New Delhi, antiSOCIAL w/ Curtain Blue and Nicholson (solo debut)

Friday 27 November
Bangalore, The Humming Tree w/ _RHL and more

Saturday 28 November
Mumbai, Bonobo w/ Curtain Blue and Your Chin



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