Audio Pervert, Da Saz & POL Launch Indo-Swiss Collab Project CORE

5 November 2015

Experimental producer and musician Audio Pervert (Samrat Bee) has joined forces with Da Saz (Lionel Dentan) and Swiss producer POL for their unique new Indo-Swiss collaborative project – CORE.

The trio has just released their debut, self titled album to mark the occasion and it’s as experimental as we expected. Fans of ambient, forward thinking electronic music should check it out.

CORE describe themselves as "a trio searching the synchronous, live and totally unpredictable moments of electronic music - exploring the vast possibilities of modular and analog synthesis in techno, minimal, dub, acid and ambient forms - created and performed live.”

This will be the first of a series of Indo-Swiss based music based exchanges in the fields of electronic music, digital art and experimental media, and we’ve heard that there will be a lot of artist exchanges and tours to follow next year. To kick things off, the team is bringing down Fribourg based sitar/electro maestro Mahadev Cometo on tour over the next month, beginning tonight at Barsoom in Haus Khas Village (details here).

Follow Audio Pervert’s blog for more information and listen to CORE's self titled debut album below.


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