Watch: P.T. Anderson’s Documentary About Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood In India

14 October 2015

You probably remember when earlier this year everyone's social media feeds were suddenly overrun by rumours that Jonny Greenwood was playing at Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur the next day.

The buzz, as we soon found out, was all true. The Radiohead guitarist and multi-intstrumentalist (apart from the more traditional synth, viola, piano and harmonica, Greenwood also plays the Ondes Martenot, glockenspiel, tanpura and much more) was visiting the Meherangarh fort with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur to record an album alongside a regional musical group called the Rajasthan Express.

Journeying with them was acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights). He has worked in the past with Greenwood for the OSTs for Inherent Vice and The Master (a soundtrack that’s seriously worth a listen). The filmmaker was shooting a documentary of the making of the new album, both of which are officially releasing on 13 November. The film is called ‘Junun’ (which Rolling Stone translates as “hindu” for mania).

Even though the official release date is yet to arrive, ‘Junun’ can be viewed on online global subscription video-on-demand service MUBI for a minimal fee. "We're huge fans of MUBI and wanted to be a part of what they do," Anderson said in a statement. "Hopefully people will discover both the music that’s been made by Shye and Jonny and a great place to watch films."

Writer Akhil Sood managed to meet Jonny Greenwood back when he came down to Rajasthan to record the album and exchanged a few words. Read his account and brief interview here. Watch the trailer for ‘Junun’ below and watch the entire film on MUBI.



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