EEMA & Delhi govt. Simplify Event Licensing In The Capital

1 September 2015

To say that holding large-scale events in (mainland) Delhi is a “hassle” would be a gross understatement. Delhi’s taxing policies for events have forced promoters and organisers to shift their concerts and festivals to the final frontiers of NCR (all of us here have had at least one panic attack when our only ride to Buddh Circuit International bails).

Luckily, the Delhi government has joined hands with the Event and Entertainment management Association to (hopefully) mend some of the issues that plague the capitals often overlooked nightlife.

A lot of these problems can be at least somewhat rectified simply by streamlining the licensing process, which is exactly what EEMA and the Delhi government aim to do. Instead of the complicated, multi-layered admin process that existed before, the collaboration will create a “single window licensing process”. A process has also been implemented whereby EEMA member companies can hold ticketed events in the national capital without paying entertainment tax before the event.

“Through the proactive approach of the Delhi government and EEMA, positive results with regards to licensing have started to show yielding a win - win situation for the entire events and experiential marketing industry. This is a big step towards making Delhi an event-friendly city” - Sabbas Joseph, President, EEMA

So far, 23 auditoriums have been cleared for events and more are currently under the process of being reviewed.

If the Delhi government has indeed recognised the importance of a healthy event and entertainment industry to the cultural growth of a city, we couldn’t be more pleased. It would be a dream to actually witness a concert or large scale event within Delhi’s main body.

Hopefully this is the first step in many to ensure a thriving cultural space in a city with so much potential.



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