Tarana Marwah Scores Short Animated Film & Releases A Trailer For Komorebi

20 May 2015

Tarana Marwah is a Delhi based vocalist, producer and instrumentalist who has been on our radar since the recent launch of her notable solo electronic project and debut EP, both called ‘Komorebi’ (reviewed here).

‘Komorebi’ was undoubtedly one of the fresher debut releases to come out this year, despite a couple of missteps.

Marwah’s precise production is painted by the vibrant strokes and moods of Japanese anime. She recently sent us a short, 2-minute film called ‘Scoop of The Day’, which, in a similar vein is a dreamy little animation about a hungry sun. Marwah’s music is really quite enchanting and her growth in the last couple of months is tangible. The track used is called ‘Red Balloons’ and the whole thing is still to be released. Watch it here on vimeo.

Talking about evolution, Marwah also linked us to a minute long teaser video of some of her upcoming music, embedded below. It’s a bit bigger, bolder and (based on our premature assessment) pretty impressive so far – proving once more that she’s an artist to keep an eye on. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

Watch the teaser for Komorebi below and follow Tarana Marwah on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates.




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