Listen: Perc Remixes Hashback Hashish’s ‘Brevity’

13 May 2015

Delhi based experimental techno producer and REProduce artist Hashback Hashish has just put out a brand new rendering of the title track from his immaculate ‘Brevity’ LP (reviewed in detail here), remixed by ace London producer – Perc a.k.a. Ali Wells. The release comes soon after his show at this year’s SXSW performance in March.

What was a slow building, throbbing, groove heavy and minimally produced track has been transformed into something bolder and a little more aggressive by the UK techno don. ‘Brevity Remixed’ is just a little more dance friendly and edgier – meant to be played later in the night in the darkness of a sweaty room.

'The original mix of 'Brevity' was a little deeper and more melodic than some of the other harder techno tracks that I often remix. This gave me an opportunity to try something slightly more spacious than my normal percussive sound.

Recently I've been listening to a lot of the early UK techno that was showcased by labels like Network and Warp and artists such as Nexus 21 and Forgemasters. This sound was a mix of the northern England 'bleep' techno and the Detroit inspired sound of producers from Stafford and Birmingham (before the Regis, Surgeon harder Birmingham sound emerged). For the remix I used a number of analogue drum machines and effects plus treated sounds from the original mix to create something that fitted in with my current sound but also looked back to this golden era of UK techno.' - Perc (aka Ali Wells)

Listen to the Perc remix of ‘Brevity’ below and follow Hashback Hashish on Facebook for updates and on SoundCloud for more music.

Words: Diya Gupta
Image credit (thumb): Shailpik Biswas
Image credit (main): Rana Ghose



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