Listen: Audio Pervert Releases ‘Can I Eat This?’

5 May 2015

“Can I eat This? Of course you can…you won’t know till you do!”

Delhi electro veteran Audio Pervert, alternate name Samrat Bee, has just released his fourth solo album ‘Can I Eat This?’

His last LP - the lengthy ‘Dark Robot’ - released in 2013 was a kind of deconstruction of techno and glitch mashed with 80’s analog synths that won us over with its bold beats and casually rebellious accouter. 2014 saw him release the gritty, noisy and hugely enjoyable ‘Dead Pixel’ LP with Toymob (jointly, as many of you will know, called Teddy Boy Kill) and an alliance with Beijing based label Sinotronics called ‘SIMA’ which brought a couple of incredibly talent artists from down to the country earlier this year and saw the release of this excellent collaborative / compilation album.

Earlier this year when we wrote a list of out most anticipated releases, we knew Audio Pervert had to be a part of it. We’ve been waiting to see what he had in store for us in ‘Can I Eat This?’ and curiously enough, we were caught pleasantly unaware.

We were so used to the robotic and at times industrial, techno inflected sounds in his previous works that we didn’t quite expect this album to be so…warm (relatively, in any case). First of all, ‘Can I Eat This’ begins with an exceptionally sunny, put-a-smile-on-your-face remix of soul music god Marvin Gaye’s timeless ‘So Long’. The album isn’t going to be easy to digest if you’re a fan of pigeonholing and tagging your music – it’s got elements of everything from deep bass and garage to breaks, though maybe it’s time Audio Pervert got a genre for himself – we’re leaning towards ‘pervstep’ but we’re open to ideas.

Follow Samrat Bee on his blog for music and opinion and try eating his new album, freshly baked, below:

Words: Diya Gupta


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