T.L. Mazumdar Releases Video For ‘Thank You’ Feat. Jivraj Singh

10 April 2015

T.L. Mazumdar, an acclaimed singer-songwriter, pianist and composer of Indian origins based in Germany, has just released a video for his single ‘Thank You’, which features frequent collaborator Jivraj Singh on percussion.

The unfussy video was shot during their live studio session some time back in Kolkata. Mazumdar, who has written, composed and arranged ‘Thank you’ himself, croons the jazz inflected, soul tune over Jivraj’s tastefully restrained percussion. Not that we’d expect less – the musicians have been making music together for a couple of years now with laudable results. Jivraj Singh also contributed to Mazumdar’s sophomore album 'BUeC', reviewed here.

Mazumdar shares a few words about the song - “'Thank You' will be mistaken as a broken-heart kind of song by many. But really, it's a reflection of how human communication becomes more and more of an elusive ritual. How many times have we run into a complete stranger and felt a connection we haven't with acquaintances we engage in meaningless small talk everyday? And yet, 9 times out of 10 we'll walk away cos' we're too caught up in our head to actually delve deeper. And all that remains are our thoughts. And memories. And sometimes, gratitude.”

You can watch the entire video for ‘Thank You’ below and follow T.L. Mazumdar and Jivraj Singh on Facebook for updates.



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