Acid Machine Lets You Make Acid House In Your Browser

13 March 2015

Errozero is a pretty unassuming little UK based creative web design company, but they’ve recently created a new website that’s garnered quite a bit of attention from the electronic music community. It’s called ‘Acid Machine’, and replicates Roland’s old TB-303 bass synth, which as many of you would know, played a big role in the development of early electronic music and in particular, acid house.

This is the first time the synth has been replicated in a web browser and it’s great fun to use, even though the company states that it’s still a “work in progress”. Acid Machine also features a drum machine in addition to the two known bass synthesizers.

Errozero’s website works best in Google Chrome and also allows users to save their productions with a sharable URL. You should definitely check out Acid Machine in all its squelchy goodness, particularly if you dream of being the next Charanjit Singh or DJ Pierre.

Words: Diya Gupta



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