FireChat Invites You For Drinks At antiSOCIAL

11 March 2015

It isn’t without reason that we’ve been going on about FireChat and the ‘Dekho’ community for the better part of the month. The app has given us the opportunity to interact with our readers on a personal level and allowed us to share our views on the best music and events in the country. FireChat are organising a little get together at antiSOCIAL this Friday where you will have the opportunity to have a few drinks and talk tech, media and innovation directly with the FireChat team.

FireChat came into the spotlight last September during the Hong Kong protests, when it was used by demonstrators to find a way around connection issues. Since then, the app has become increasingly popular not only by supporters of democracy around the world, but also at festivals like Burning Man, NH7 and South by SouthWest. Briefly, the app uses mesh networking that allows 'off-the-grid' messaging application, i.e. it works where there is no Internet access or cell networks. We’ve previously written about FireChat, published by Open Garden in San Francisco, in some detail here.

The party will celebrate the commencement of ‘Dekho’, which is a community centred around music and alternative culture in India, launched in partnership with Wild City. The event will run a short panel discussion to share more information about the technology and story behind firechat.

Mobile devices are the future for any business and this is the perfect opportunity to interact with a group of people who have changed the way we share information with each other, both on and off the grid.

We’re giving away 30 invites to the party for people who have joined 'Dekho' and answered a couple of fun questions on the app. FireChat is free and works on iOS and Android. To download it, visit: Then join 'Dekho' by clicking this link from your mobile device:



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