Listen: Kumail Releases ‘Shift’ EP

19 February 2015

“Billions of years ago, you were a big bang”

So begins Kumail’s EP - ‘Shift’. The ghostly voice of Alan Watts, coated over cosmic sounds and some sort of static, creates the premise for his meditative release.

‘Shift’ is the artist’s second EP after last years emotive ‘Flashbulb Memories’. Following the same minimal musical ethos as its predecessor, the release came to our attention after the KRUNK signee unassumingly posted a few updates on his Facebook page. We’ve had it tinkering in the background since then.

Kumail shows great talent in restraint in this little 4 track release, which is as inoffensive as it gets with its mellow, celestial exploration of urban minimal electronica. From the hypnotic EP opener ‘Wiggly World’ and mellow tunes in ‘Whatever’ to the airy sounds in ‘Moon Weight (we love the progression in this one) and evocative vocals in DW, this is cleverly constructed easy listening from start to finish. At times, however, it feels like Kumail could do with some variation in sound to make the EP a little less soporific.

That doesn’t mean that the EP isn’t any less enjoyable. Hamid’s latest offering is a pretty thing - perfect for lazy, sun dappled spring days.

Follow Kumail on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud to discover more of his sounds. You can listen to ‘Shift’ in its entirety below and buy the album here on Bandcamp.

Kumail will be opening for Parisian producer FKJ tomorrow at Bonobo in Mumbai – details here.

Words: Diya Gupta




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