Watch: Documentary Short On Live Media summit ‘Orbit’

13 February 2015

Back in 2013, the grassy knolls and flower studded hilltops of the little Kumaoni town of Mukteshwar in Uttrakhand played host to five artists of different disciplines and backgrounds, who came together for 5 days and 5 nights at the Orbit live media summit. One of the artists at Orbit was Samrat Bee, more popularly known as Audio Pervert. He recently uploaded a 15 minute short art documentary of the intensive residency called ‘120 Hours’.

The little film features artist and photographer Ari Jayaprakash, whose unnerving but striking artwork in ‘The Kuru Chronicles’ has garnered a whole lot of attention and acclaim since its release. Voice, beat and synth come from Ashhar F, a longtime collaborator of Samrat (as Teddy Boy Kill) and the face behind Toymob. Guitar and bass comes from Puneet Bhatt (Swargtara) and Sin:drome contributes abstract sound and noise, as well as digital visual content.

The Orbit residency saw the creative’s minds come together and create over 50 individual pieces of art and almost 15 minutes of live audio recording sessions – portrayed beautifully in this unique documentary. The film is also littered with Ari’s astonishing artwork and some visually stunning scenes of the picturesque mountain town.

You can watch ‘120 Hours’ below and follow Audio Pervert’s blog for the latest in art and sound.

Art credit: Ari Jayaprakash



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