Listen: Caribou Releases 1000 Song Mixtape

15 January 2015

If you were paying any attention to the internet this morning, you would have noticed that Canadian artist Caribou dropped a special treat for everyone overnight. As a thank you to fans, followers and music aficionados the world over he released the aptly named ‘Longest Mixtape’ via his social media channels.

‘The Longest Mixtape’ is a collection of 1000 songs (don’t rub your eyes, you read that right) that have influenced Daniel Snaith, the man behind Caribou’s recordings and live sessions, ever since his formative years as a teenager and budding musician. The artist suggests you play the mixtape on shuffle, as he did not make any attempt to sequence the tracks.

A musical history of Caribou’s life, ‘The Longest Mixtape’ is a massive compilation showcasing his influences and evolution as an artist and we just cannot stop listening to it (until it runs out)

For more information on Caribou and upcoming releases follow him on Facebook here. The mixtape can be found on Youtube, but due to a fault in the website’s playlist coding you may only be able to hear 200 tracks. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon but for now you can find the condensed mixtape below.

Words: Aditya Keswani



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