Nariyal Paani: Details Announced For New Festival In Alibaug

15 January 2015

The new year is already bringing new surprises to the table. The latest being Nariyal Paani, a music and arts festival that will take place in Alibaug on 21 February, 2015.

Curated by Tanvi Gupta, of Bohemyan Blue & The Lil Flea, and Sidhant Khanna, an art enthusiast who develops villas in Alibaug, the Nariyal Paani festival will offer more than just music - with an array of food stalls dishing out local and international cuisine, indie film screenings, live art installations and local artisans showcasing their works.

The festival team have worked with Gatecrash founder Emmanuelle de Decker to solidify a line up that will feature the likes of The Jass B’stards, Kefaya, Kabir Café, Dharavi Rocks and Vivienne Pocha.

Additionally the festival will also host a band competition to invite new talent to participate. Young, up-and-coming artists and bands, playing genres including blues, funk, groove, soul, reggae and hip-hop, are invited to submit their original works before 10 February to win a chance to perform at Nariyal Paani.

For more information about this one-day festival and the upcoming band competition follow Nariyal Paani on Facebook here. Tickets will available towards the end of January and will go for Rs 1500 each.

Words: Aditya Keswani



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