Dropbox Talent: Worm’s Cottage

2 December 2014

Bangalore has possibly given us the weirdest/best music this entire year with bedroom producers like brnsctr and Disco Puppet contributing some truly original sounds to the tiny (but increasingly effervescent) underground musical community.

Our next dropbox talent, Rishabh Iyer, comes from the same line of musical philosophy. We heard Worm’s Cottage on this mix that one of our favourite fledgling bands, Machli, sent us a few weeks ago and were left fascinated by the drawling, manipulated vocals and acid painted, hip-hop influenced electronica of ‘Disfuctional Therapy’.

On Iyer’s SoundCloud page we discovered an extensive (and quite frankly impressive) discography that (we’re predicting) is going to illicit a lot of “bro you gotta check these vibes out, bro” from our Delhi brethren, despite the unfortunate name, which he tells us came from his fascination with earth worms "because they're hermaphrodites" and his love for paneer - "I initially named it Worm's Cheese Cottage, but later felt the cheese didn’t fit."

Worms’ Cottage’s sound is unique, to put it mildly. His schizophrenic sound bases itself on hip-hop and electronic tones, but repackages them completely by stretching and contorting sounds with his own droning, slightly contemplative R&B falsetto vocals and occasional samples.

“I am usually thinking of mountains, fog, winters, forests, a cloudy sky, rain or night lights while making music, regardless of the lyrics. Other than that, I just try to make it sound as different as possible and still within my likings.”

We’ve embedded two tracks – ‘Dim Lights’ and the slightly older ‘Better Clown’ for your listening pleasure below. You’ll have to follow Worm’s Cottage on SoundCloud to hear everything on his lengthy tracklist.

Words: Diya Gupta
Images: Rishabh Iyer


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