Mary Anne Hobbs Recommends: Monsoonsiren

17 November 2014

Bangalore born feline enthusiast and creator of “cinematic funeral music” – Monsoonsiren, has added yet another feather to his cap.

The vocalist and musician, real name Nathan Menon, was featured on BBC Radio 6 acclaimed ‘Recommends’ with legendary music journalist and DJ – Mary Anne Hobbs.

Hobbs premiered the fourth track off Menon’s forthcoming ‘Falstrati’ EP, called ‘Photographs’ on Wednesday last week. She had this to say about the artist (after conveniently dubbing him “Moonsiren from India”): “His voice is never broken so he has the unique ability to reach tones and pitches that are really quite remarkable”.

‘Photographs’, beautifully produced by Laplace, is a haunting, despondent little track that sees Menon reach vocal heights that even his cat would find hard to match. With it, the young artist puts naysayers at rest, cementing his position once more as one of the country’s most talented falsetto vocalists.

Unlike his previous releases with Tom Day which had a predominantly dream-pop/electronic feel to them, ‘Photographs’ takes an almost R&B route with its melismatic, smooth and lush beat punctuated vocal tones.

Falstrati releases on 20 January via Project Mooncircle. You can listen to the BB6 cut version of ‘Photographs’ below. The album is available to pre-order here on Bandcamp. Follow Monsoonsiren and Project Mooncircle for updates.

BBC 6 Radio Music also aired 'Maso' - the third track off Monsoonsiren's EP, on radio presenter Nemone's channel.

Words: Diya Gupta


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