Introducing SIMA: India & China Collaborate To Release New Compilation

22 October 2014

Audio Pervert, along with the support of Delhi’s REProduce artists, have just released an international collaborative compilation with Beijing based contemporary electronic record label Sinotronics. The minimal techno/electronic album is called Module 1:Oscillate, and is available for dowload via Bandcamp.

Teddy Boy Kill (Audio Pervert, a.k.a. Samrat B and Toymob, a.k.a. Ashhar F) also began the Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA) after the duo was invited to play at the Dong Dong festival in Beijing. With multiple partners from both nations (including your's truly), SIMA hopes to create a cross-cultural platform for musicians from boths parts of the world.

This collaborating release features Beijing based producers Dead J, FAR/∞ and Iimmune as well as familiar faces Audio Pervert, Toymob and fellow REProduce member Hashback Hashish who’ll be touring for our eastern neighbours again this November.

This is a wonderfully dark compilation. Audio Pervert has never been one to conform, particularly as part of Teddy Boy Kill. The duo chooses to produce its own brand of gritty stripped down techno layered with spoken word vocals over the more pop-heavy style of music that currently dominates the scene and this album, an “index of exchange” doesn’t stray too far.

Module 1: Oscillate features 8 subterranean tracks that flow between minimal techno soundscapes and quietly menacing dance beats from FAR/∞ and Audio Pervert, to Toymob’s cracked vocals and Hashback’s odd, beat punctuated, yet rhythmic tunes, remixed by Immune. The artists exchange roles for ‘Granular’ – a textural, nocturnal dance single with some great beats, that was mixed for the album by Hashback.

The compilation is an exciting indicator of potential future engagement with our neighbours in the east. You can listen to the entire album below:



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