DynoMan Releases New LP - 'Travels to Janaicah: Cheebay’s Imagination'

12 September 2014

Founding member of the Karachi based Forever South Collective (FXS) and electronic composer, Haamid Rahim, better known as his musical alias, DynoMan has just released a 7 track LP titled ‘Travels to Janaicah: Cheebay’s Imagination’.

Rahim is no stranger to Wild City – we’ve been following DynoMan and the musical movement that is FXS before - here’s a great mix that the artist compiled for us last year that’s worth a listen. Along with his contemporaries, including artists Toll Crane, Rudoh and TMPST among others, DynoMan and FXS have been instrumental in taking contemporary sounds forward in a region that doesn’t always make it easy to do so.

The album is the first release from a four part concept series that mixes electronic synthesis and tweaked vocals samples with interesting beat patterns.

‘Travels to Janaicah: Cheebay’s Imagination’ was launched at a rooftop sundowner in Karachi, ideal for this kind of sound. DynoMan’s chopped up melodic approach and tight percussion make for an interesting take on chilled out electronica – though atmospheric and relaxed, its tracks aren’t strictly meant for headphone listening and have the potential to translate very well on the dance floor.

Above anything else, it’s always a treat to see experimental new sounds emerging from our neighbours in the West. Follow FXS and DynoMan on Facebook for updates. We suggest you stream the album below on SoundCloud and if you love it, show FXS/DynoMan some love and buy it here on Bandcamp.

Words: Diya Gupta
Art credit: Asma Javeri


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