Sony Launches Second Season Of Project Resound

1 July 2014

Sony India’s Project Resound is back after its hugely successful debut last year which featured a collaboration of two of the country’s most popular acts - Kailash Kher and Shreya Ghoshal.

In its second season, Project Resound expands its reach beyond Bollywood by rounding up a diverse mix of acts from the subcontinent. You can expect to hear collaborative works by Nucleya & Benny Dayal, Midival Punditz & Kutle Khan as well as The Karsh Kale Collective and Pentagram - interesting combinations which are sure to produce some very unique sounds.

Project Resound is Sony’s attempt at urging listeners to demand better sound quality (not so subtly, with their high end range of headphones).

‘The campaign will help music enthusiasts discover a whole new dimension of music and experience the “purity of sound” that exists in each form of expression.’ – Sony

This season, like its predecessor, will feature web episodes that will cover the processes behind the collaborations, the first of which will be released in the first week of July after which three other tracks will be released within the span of a month.

You can have a look at Project Resound’s website to know more.


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