Vital Agency New Signing: Soulspace

17 June 2014

Around this time last month, we heard of an exciting new producer, Vishnu PS, aka Soulspace. His slick production really caught our eye, so much so that we’re very excited to announce that we've officialy added him to our growing family here at Vital Agency.

The New Delhi based musician recently released a bunch of premastered tracks from his debut album on SoundCloud. After a few listens, we were quite frankly blown away with Vishnu’s ambient, melodic and tight production sensibilities. We called the album “deep, a little soulful, cosmic and spatial” when we reviewed it first; adding to that, the release is also incredibly dancefloor friendly.

Vital Agency was born out of a genuine passion for the Indian underground with a careful selection of talented and forward thinking artists already on its roster: Sulk Station, Frame/Frame, Until We Last, SnowShoe, Curtain Blue and _RHL. Wild City have been dabbling in the world of events showcasing a number of talent from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore - Vital has emerged out of that same need to represent a new generation of alternative and experimental electronic acts that are willing to push the envelope musically and artistically.

We’re thrilled to have Vishnu on board - Soulspace clearly fits the bill with progressive and exploratory synths that are uncompromisingly original. And we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed; the producer has also caught the attention of international bigwigs, recently signing on to Berlin based record label TraumSchallplatten for multiple releases through the year.

You’d want to keep an eye out for this one – there’s loads more to come. His debut performance alongside a drummer is in Delhi this week alongside Frame/Frame (Facebook event).You can keep track on Vital Agency via our website here.


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