BASS CAMP Festival Kicks Off Tonight

29 May 2014

As you might have heard, one of India’s favourite electronic music events is back. A night dedicated to pushing cutting edge sounds from bass music producers all over the world, BASS CAMP regularly invites some of the most forward thinking artists to play in venues across the country.

Previous editions of the festival have seen producers such as Koan Sound, London Elektricity, Calyx and Teebee headline. Purveyors of this event have become used to a certain standard and the newest headliner definitely doesn’t disappoint

As we’d announced earlier, in April – this edition will see the return of Belgian-born ‘Alex Depauw’ – the face behind production force Alix Perez. His first visit in 2012, as part of a string of Outlook Festival launch parties was a huge success. Now, after the very recent release of his new EP ‘U’ via dBridge’s Exit Records he returns to bring out the bass faces in unsuspecting music enthusiasts all over the country.

The EP features exciting collaborations with the late DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and Stray. He even includes Indian influences in the video of the title track, where the traditional Indian battlefield art of ‘Sanatan Shastar Vidiya’ is featured, along with its current custodian and last living master Gurdev Nidar Singh Nihang.

Support for the festival, a property of KRUNK, will come courtesy of some of India’s most popular bass music producers: Vachan Chinappa, BREED, SickFlip, Sandunes, Ez Riser, Pippin and Ox7gen. Full tour details can be seen below and to get you in the mood wrap your ears around this impeccable collab with DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn– don’t miss this one…

29 May 2014
Venue: City Bar, Bangalore
Line-up: Alix Perez (London) + Support from Vachan Chinnappa (Bangalore)
Entry: Rs 500 (inclusive of one beer)

30 May 2014
Venue: Blue Frog, Mumbai
Line-up: Alix Perez (London) + Support from Ox7gen (Mumbai), Zokhuma (Mumbai), EZ Riser (Mumbai), Sandunes (Mumbai)
Entry: Rs 800

31 May 2014
Venue: Blue Frog, Delhi
Line-up: Alix Perez (London) + Support from BREED (Los Angeles/India), Pippin (Delhi), Lusid (Delhi), EZ Riser (Mumbai)
Entry: Rs 800

1 June 2014
Venue: High Spirits, Pune
Line-up: Alix Perez (London) + Support from SickFlip (Mumbai)
Entry: Rs 300 (inclusive of one beer)

Words: Megha Roy


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