Skream Starts New Label & Announces Upcoming Release From Sandunes

26 May 2014

British record producer and electronic music pioneer, Oliver Jones, aka Skream, is starting a new record label after ‘Disfigured Dubz’ shut down in November. The imprint is called ‘Of Unsound Mind’ and just released its inaugural three-track EP by UK based ‘Motions’, best known as one half of the production duo Grown Folk.

‘Of Unsound Mind’ will sign a number of artists that catch Jones’ ear, most excitingly, Mumbai based musician Sanaya Ardeshi aka Sandunes, whose music will be featured on the label later this year. The announcement was revealed at the same time Sandunes released a new track – ‘Night Craft’ from her upcoming EP ‘Slybounce’ – a cheeky number with that unmistakably distinct combination of funk and UK garage that only Sandunes can produce. On her Facebook page, Ardeshi described the news as one that gave “stoked a whole new meaning”. Needless to say, this is a huge step for the artist and we’re pretty stoked as well to see what’s in store for her in the coming year.

Skream has been making music from an early age and has played a significant role in the development of dubstep in past years. His debut album Skream! released in 2006 saw great reviews and in 2007 he started his first label - the beat and dub heavy 'Disfigured Dubz' that shut down last year.

‘Of Unsound Mind’ marks a departure from ‘Disfigured Dubz’ and Jones consciously makes the change to more melodic centred sounds. A first listen at the labels debut release cements his very definite step away from bass heavy sounds and gives a nod to deep house sounds with a more ambient feel. In his interview with FACT, Jones talks about his new labels debut release, describing the tracks as ‘deep, colourful and melodic’.

You can stream Sandunes' new song below and listen to Motions new EP on ‘Of Unsound Mind' here.

Words: Diya Gupta




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