BASSFoundation Turn 5 & Mo City’s Reunited With The Rajah’s – Sound Clash Anyone?

17 April 2014

This month, two crucial and establishing members of the Delhi bass and nightlife scene are back in India, touring the country and sharing new tunes.

Reggae Rajah’s founder Mo City has returned with less hair on his head and more on his face (we’re digging the moustachio) for a whistle stop tour with the Rajahs that will see him hit up India’s nightlife institutions. Aside from the confirmed dates we expect to see a whole lot more of this man who has spent the last 2 years globe hopping - expanding his network and spreading the word about India. Confirmed dates are below but keep your eyes peeled here and here for the latest updates.

With New Delhi’s original junglist crew shortly about to turn five, a four city tour is in the pipeline with (now UK based) Ed Anderson aka Praxis and Delhi Sultanate. BASSFoundation parties are still talked about by many – impressionable young hungry Delhi-ites consumed and ravaged by genres introduced to the New Delhi scene by these boys. See below for tour dates and get ready for a trip down memory lane – there’ll be plenty of old faces that come out of the woodwork for this one - with a whole bunch of new tunes.

We’re also hoping that the two crews will put their heads together for a much needed sound clash – and no ‘we’re all winners’ this time please – we want to see a competitive race to the end with one champion – true sound clash style! We know there’s a whole lot of love there - it just doesn't need to be behind the decks this time...

Reggae Rajah’s #MoCity2India Tour Dates:
Thursday 17 April: The Aquarium Lounge, GK 2, New Delhi
Friday 18 April: The Humming Tree, Bangalore
Saturday 19 April: blueFROG, Mumbai (with Nucleya)
Sunday 20 April: High Spirits, Pune (with Dakta Dub)

Mocity Solo Dates:
Thursday 24 April: Raasta, New Delhi (with The Grind)
Friday 25 April: New Delhi - TBA
Saturday 26 April: Olive, New Delhi
Thursday 1 May: The Humming Tree, Bangalore (with EZ Riser - Krunk 5th anniversary)
Friday 2 May: Bonobo, Mumbai (with EZ Riser - Krunk 5th anniversary)

BASSFoundation Tour Dates:
Wednesday 23 April: Raasta, New Delhi
Friday 25 April: Bonobo, Mumbai
Saturday 26 April: The Humming Tree, Bangalore (with Begum X Live)
Sunday 27 April: High Spirits, Pune (with Begum X Live)


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