DIY Day: New Fest On The Block

14 April 2014

DIY Day is a new format festival taking place in Delhi on 26 April at the Akshara Amphitheater that will engage with musicians, artists and creative thinkers.

The aim is for the festival to not simply showcase work but to also create a platform for distribution allowing artists to sell their work - whether it means CDs, prints, films, food, jewellery, or even clothing. The ‘do it yourself’ ethos has been adopted by the organisers as a reference to the ethics of self sufficiency - stemming from the 70s punk movement but also reflecting the way in which many people in the creative sectors approach their work.

DIY will feature performances from Tankbund, Kitchensink, Jamblu + Lifafa, Nice Weather For Ducks, Kaivalya Play’s Improv Group and New Delhi Comedy Club’s New Dicks On The Block. Pepsi MTV Indies has partnered with the event and they're giving one band a chance to join the line up. If you're interested, you can email them at

The DIY campaign has ignited with a simple plea “Join us and help us!” and they’ve gone down the popular crowd-funding route in order to cover costs for the basics: sound equipment, sound tech, video coverage and venue. Check out the video below.

Entry is Rs 300 for a day pass. The festival will start at 3pm with stalls offering food, drinks, jewellery, art and upcycled products under one large tent. Comedy and improve theatre will commence at 4pm and music will be programmed from 5pm until close.

DIY Day is being curated by Ghar ka Records in association with Epic Shit Entertainment and Akshara Theater.




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