Watch: Modi, A Message To You

8 April 2014

As the propaganda relentlessly pours in from every angle, Delhi based ska and funk dance band The Ska Vengers have teamed up with animators Kunal Sen and Tisha Deb Pillai and created a video which reflects their strong views about what polls suggest will be a BJP victory.

Through the video, the band are attempting to echo the views of many who are deeply concerned (amoungst many other things) at the prospect of far greater editorial censorship and a leader with a very controversial track record.

A reworking of the Dandy Livingstone’s very catchy Jamaican reggae track ‘Rudy, A Message to You’, it was made popular with the masses via The Specials version and true to their ska roots, the Ska Vengers have re-worked the song with lyrics that are politically poignant and locally relevant.

Check out the video below:

The video production is a joint effort between Stiff Kittens Inc (The Ska Vengers management), The Jamun Collective (film production company) and Good Bad Habits (the animators). The song itself has been mixed by producer, Miti Adhikari.



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