Reset A Success In Hyderabad. Artists To Play In Delhi This Friday

26 March 2014

RESET caused quite the storm in Hyderabad last weekend with some of the country's finest producers mainly from the Unmute Agency roster, taking over a warehouse, armed with Funktion 1 speakers and over 1000 sweaty ravers who kept going until the early hours of the morning.

In one of the first 'warehouse' parties of this scale in India, we're happy to see it being done proper. No holds barred and with good quality sound. Personally, I've never heard better.

“Reset Hyderabad was incredible. We didn't really expect this reaction […] we had over a 1000 people raving with us till 5am. People in Hyderabad are calling it a scene changer, so let's see where this goes. We're all back to the drawing board - working out the other cities to hit over the rest of the year.” - Dev Bhatia, UnMute Founder

RESET promises to land up in a bunch of other cities throughout the course of the year but for now, anyone in Delhi who suffered a little FOMO over the weekend can relax. Arjun Vagale, Vipul and Anil Chawla will all be playing at UnMute’s #303India this Friday (28 March) at Kitty Su, New Delhi.

YOLO techno kids...

For images and videos of what went down at RESET, head over to their Facebook page here.


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