Watch: St-Art Delhi Street Art Festival - Part 1

25 February 2014

An ambitious project stretching over countless walls (and cars) all over the capital, ST. ART Delhi, officially the biggest street art festival in India is drawing to an end. Well, kind of. The lasting legacy of the festival is due to live on in the capital for a number of years; a testament to its effectiveness and approach.

Over 50 artists from countries around the world eventually took part in the project, taking over walls, taxis, and entire buildings in what has become one of the most accessible alternative culture events in recent times. Even Delhi’s police force, agreed to a 100-plus foot portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the side of their headquarters building in central Delhi.

This was completed by Hendrik ECB Beikirch, an artist renowned for his colossal black and white portraits. In 2012 he created a 230 foot tall portrait of a fisherman in Busan, South Korea, now Asia’s highest mural.

The festival commenced in the urban village of Shahpur Jat and led to a number of interesting murals and interactions across South Delhi. A full recap of the first week can be seen in the video below. A second video is slated to be released soon.

**The St.ART Delhi exhibition is also still on till the end of the month at Social Space, Hauz Khas Village. For further information please visit the official website or Facebook page here**



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