Watch: Music Video For Talvin Singh & Frame/Frame Collaboration 'D.U.S.T'

24 February 2014

MTV Sync is the latest in a series of television shows aiming to shine a spotlight on the burgeoning Indian music scene and it's various musicals forms and guises.

In a tried and tested format, the show puts together some of India's most celebrated and established musicians alongside fresh and unheard of acts from around the country. The result - naturally - a co-produced track and music video.

Last night's freshly aired episode saw legendary Asian electronica producer Talvin Singh pair up with Delhi based producer and sound designer Nikhil Kaul, otherwise known as Frame/Frame. The results make up a track titled; D.U.S.T., a piece of work that explores an as of yet unheard of side of Talvin Singh, a man whose musical palette always circles back to the Eastern-tinged textures that infiltrated the Asian electronica scene in the early 90s.

Frame/Frame's expressive vocals and instrumental input also add character; with lyrics that flow over a Dilla-fied beat and sparsely arranged sarangi licks making the track feel current, cosmic, organic and delicately crafted. One of the most sucessful and well paired collaborations we've come across in a while.

"The experience of working with Talvin was nothing short of humbling. It was amazing to collaborate with someone who's previous collaborators include Bjork and Massive Attack but who is still grounded and so open/receptive to ideas and suggestions. A huge chunk of conversations took place on Skype and it made me realise that music is a universal language regardless of where you live. That's why I think D.U.S.T. seems like a dialog, a melding of two minds." - Nikhil Kaul

The video for D.U.S.T can be seen above. In case you missed it on TV, you can watch the full episode here


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