Watch: ‘Suspended’ Music Video Collaboration Feat. Monica Dogra, Engine Earz & Visual Artist Eric Pare

11 November 2013

The Dewarists are ploughing ahead at an unstoppable force, travelling around the country and presenting local and international collaborations. Season 3 is already upon us but with a slightly different format and with a new emphasis placed on creating a visual as well as musical collaboration.

The first episode aired yesterday and features the ever sparkling Monica Dogra collaborating with producer and multi instrumentalist Prash from Engine Earz (hot tip, they will both be performing at Magnetic Fields Festival) and Canadian photographer and videographer Eric Pare.

The result is a visual and aural treat, with Dogra channelling Kate Bush and Shakespeare Sister’s style energy (remember those wide eyes, jilted cameras and romantic gestures) in a sound that we love. This is a great direction for the series to take, compacting it slightly but creating a stronger end product.


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