Listen: Stream M.I.A’s New Album ‘Mantangi’

4 November 2013

Ahead of its release tomorrow (5 November) you can stream M.I.A’s album ‘Mantangi’ in full via her YouTube channel.

With a 15 strong track list, and appearances from The Weeknd (‘Exodus’ & ‘Sexodus’), this album doesn’t shy away from the inevitable assault of beats, provocative lyrics, mixed with just the right touch of ethnic samples.

M.I.A’s unique and dizzying soundclash doesn’t disappoint on ‘Mantangi’ which may just be her best release yet…


01 Karmageddon
03 Only 1 U
04 Warriors
05 Come Walk With Me
06 aTENTion
07 Exodus
08 Bad Girls
09 Boom Skit
10 Double Bubble Trouble
11 Y.a.l.a
12 Bring The Noize
13 Lights
14 Know It Ain’t Right
15 Sexodus



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