Freestylers To Play Show In New Delhi

18 October 2013

With a career spanning 15 years, breakbeat dons the Freestylers have covered a full 360 degrees within bass and breakbeat music.

After discovering a mutual love of hip-hop, electro and beats, Aston and Matt started making tracks together in the mid 90s. They released their first two albums ‘We Rock Hard’ and ‘Pressure Point’ on the legendary Breakbeat label Freskanova. ‘Raw as F**k’ and ‘Adventures in Freestyle’ were then released on ‘Against The Grain’, another breaks power house based out of Brighton, UK.

The Freestylers for those who've been following them over the years, began their career as an urban underground electronic act, with classic tunes such as ‘Ruffneck’ and ‘Warning’. As their music progressed so did their anthems - ‘Punks’, ‘Boom Blast’, ‘Fasten Your Seat-Belts,’ ‘Painkiller’ and more recently ‘Cracks.’

Their ever-eclectic style and renegade approach to production focusing on everything in the bass music spectrum is once again on show with their fifth studio album ‘The Coming Storm’ released on BlackHole/Rub-A-Duck Recordings June 2013. And now they're playing in New Delhi. Where? At Kitty Su. Obviously.

Remember this?

**The Freestylers will be playing at New Delhi's Kitty Su on October 25. More info on this event and others happening across the country can be found on our events page here.**



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