Khoj Gaming Residency Culminates In Week Long Exhibition

19 September 2013

At the forefront of collaborative and interdisciplinary practices, New Delhi's Khoj presents 'Of Games', yes, a gaming residency.

An exciting opportunity to articulate the contribution of games towards visual culture, Khoj offers its 16 years of archive as an inspiration to produce new games contributing to the creative and cultural importance of computer games.

"Some games offer contexts for immersion into game play while others offer contexts as models of complexity. In either case, we have an immediate way of breaking out of ourselves and being immersed in game play that offers us a system more logically consistent than the one our consciousness is loaded onto. The residency explores kinds of game play and platform-bending paradigms that inter-disciplinary teams of developers, story-tellers and pixel-crafters forge together."

Running from 17 August to 22 September, the 5-week residency culminates in an exhibition tonight at the beautiful spaces of Khoj in South Delhi. The exhibition will run for a week from 11am to 7pm.

A list of participants alongside their game ideas can be seen below:

1. Vernissage, Centaur
A smartphone app that transforms art-exhibition openings into spaces for role-play.

2. The Travelling Hand: A Ludic Dream Across The Sea, Gayatri Kodikal
The Queen has a series of dreams before her death. She finds another sleeper in her dream, the hunter. This game is a co-op found object game, between the dreaming self and the waking self.

3. Somewhere, Oleomingus
Somewhere is an exploration game, where the player journeys through an absurd game world piecing together the stories embedded within.

4. Metri–que Game, Pramod Kumar
Metri-cue is the idea of monism in a world which can't be broken in to parts. What does the player get? A state of mind where borders between yourself and the rest of universe are dissolved. The game models the end of duality.

5. Sentinels, Vishal K Dar
A single-player (role-playing) game set in the 'Google Earth' environment.

Source: Khoj



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