Album Preview & Promo Video: Sandunes - Ever Bridge

17 September 2013

We're more prone to doing an assessment of the aftermath but every once in a while the promise of a really fleshed out, conceptual album entices us to do a bit of forecasting as well. In that light, two-step/future garage reigning queen of India's underground electronica movement, Sandunes' upcoming album release is looking incredibly promising. All we have to go by are a few sneak listens (we're talking minutes worth) and the slivers of artwork she's been sharing via social media might. Not to mention the fact that she's rarely disappointed us in the past.

Learn more about the trilateral concept below from the artist herself:

I. Aural

"I've been working, since the beginning of the year, on a release that's due this September. Since this is my debut album, I've tried to take on a very conceptual approach for the production, composition and all my other creative processes involved. The album is called 'Ever Bridge' and implies the melting of boundaries and connection of spaces, places, people and mediums, as a process that is never ending. It's just a reflection of what I've been going through personally and professionally over the course of this year. I guess the root concepts behind my music here are connecting gaps (or bridging them) as a factor inducing creativity/growth.
Ideally, I'm looking to extend that attitude to the way I'm distributing the music as well."

II. Visual (Artwork Compilation)

"I've planned to collaborate with artists across the south asian sub continent (and beyond) and create a bank of seven pieces of artwork to go out with the album. I'm looking at a digital release, so this would mean a free download of the seven tracks as well as the seven pieces of artwork.
The album was sent across to the artists with no other brief apart from the sounds involved and I'm still waiting on some of the artwork to come in. But the approach was to stick to the 'Ever Bridge' concept and use it as a framework for a music-art collaboration.
The album features artists of various different disciplined (ranging from photography to book designing to graphic designing and more) and hail from Sri Lanka, Dubai, Karachi and Bangalore, plus another three from Mumbai."

III. Visual (Live Sets)

"I'm collaborating with Wolves to create a visual setup that resonates with the concept behind the music. Their rig focuses on creating visual content to bridging gaps using different lightweight suspensions. It's hard to explain so you'll just have to come and see! The live (musically) set I'm performing is brand new and completely different in terms of my approach from the previous sets. Expect a lot more synth playing and musicianship."

You can watch the promo video for 'Ever Bridge' here. The album will be out for free download on the morning of 20 September.

The LP tour dates can be seen below:

Sep, 20 - Mumbai, Bonobo
Sep, 21 - Bangalore, The Humming Tree
Oct, 04 - Pune, High Spirits
Oct, 12 - New Delhi, Out Of The Box


Words: Mandovi Menon




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