Listen: New Releases From Aeon Waves, Disco Puppet, Dolorblind & Sid Vashi

Listen: New Releases From Aeon Waves, Disco Puppet, Dolorblind & Sid Vashi

1 May 2019

As April came to an end, amidst what panned out to be a busy time for releases, four gems took our notice, which may have slipped under your radar.

You can hear them all below:

‘Surupa’ By Aeon Waves

The charm of Kanishk Budhori aka Aeon Waves’ latest single ‘Surupa’ lies in how it creeps up on you - starting out like a slowly evolving downtempo track before utilising a loop of traditional folk vocals to lend itself a unique electro-fusion identity. With the repetition of the same vocal phrase throughout the track atop layers of ambient sounds, ‘Surupa’ makes for a hypnotic listen.

‘POPO’ By Disco Puppet

In ‘POPO’, Disco Puppet takes his off-kilter production to an almost avant-garde level. Released as part of French label Nowadays Record’s ‘Around The World: India by Mixtape’, the track ties together noise, Indian manjiras, acoustic guitars, mumbling vocals, tribal drums, jazz double bass and a lot more into a singular sonic tapestry.

‘Vacuum Black Hue’ By Dolorblind

Jwala member Rohan Sinha aka Dolorblind makes his return with his strongest release to date. Merging his trademark atmospheric soundscapes with hip-hop grooves played over post-rock inspired heavy drum sounds, Dolorblind sonically paints a sinister sci-fi picture. With its moments of tension and release, and rises and falls, ‘Vacuum Black Hue’ is a full-fledged audio performance in itself.

‘Val Venis (Careful Walker Edit)’ By Sid Vashi

Sid Vashi continues to roll out tracks off his compilation ‘Careful Walker Vol. 1’ every week. The sixth addition sees him decorate the vocals off Chicago rapper King L’s ‘Val Venis’ with 808s and cascading horn lines from Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astake. Vashi mixes elements from multiple worlds in each track of the compilation - on ‘Val Venis’, it’s mysticism, danceable grooves and gangsta rap.

Words: Amaan Khan

Artwork: Dolorblind


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