'Viacom 18' Announces Large Scale Concerts For 5,000 - 20,000 Attendees

25 June 2013

Media giant Viacom18 has recently announced plans to add more properties to 'Viacom 18 Live', the groups recently launched new business division.

When speaking with radioandmusic.com, Viacom18's Senior Vice Pesident said: "we have couple of large audience formats planned that cater to a 5,000 - 20,000 audience. The properties cannot be named as of yet as we have not locked in the talent. For the scale that we have planned, we will have three large formats planned for different genres in MTV. (...) Similarly, for VH1 we are looking at comedy, pop, rock and jazz - this will be the area we work in and get acts in India (...) Details of the large-open air properties will be out very soon. By next month or so.”

Viacom18 also launched 'Emerge' on World Music Day with South African artist Jeremy Loops (pictured). Singh added, “We saw Jeremy in Los Angeles during a music conference and decided to bring him to India (...) This property is not huge as it is a club-based property catering to a 500 - 1000 audience. It's not going to be used to make revenue as for that we have planned large open-air gigs.”

Viacom 18 Media currently operates six popular entertainment channels, alongside all their sub divisions. These include: MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, Colors, Sonic and Comedy Central.



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