Listen: TOY & Natasha Khan 70s Iranian Pop Cover

14 June 2013

This song has been on repeat and then some in Wild City HQ. A mesmerising re-working of the Iranian song ‘Aroos Khanom’ by Amir Rassaie which was discovered on the compilation “Funk, Pschedelia and Pop from the Iranian Pre-Revolution”.

'The Bride' was recorded live in the dark with smoke and lazers and for the geeks out there, it features a Swarmatron (see video below).

The track was produced on a 7” label called Speedy Wunderground which was launched by producer Dan Carey. All releases on this label are from recordings completed in one day - this track took just 5 hours. You can read their ten point plan here which includes a rather militant "no lunch break during recording and mixing days."



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