Listen: Stream The Debut 'God Robots' LP In Full

7 June 2013

Janaka Atugoda and Shridevi Keshavan came together to form the electronic duo, Gods Robots back in August 2009.

Under the alias ‘Janaka Selekta’, San Francisco-based Janaka had already by then established himself as a successful producer and DJ. Shridevi on the other hand, a Mumbaikar, had been performing alongside various DJ’s and producers, fusing her unique blend of western vocals and Carnatic-influenced melodies.

The name, ‘Gods Robots’, was inspired by the fact that most of their music was made over the Internet and this morning they released their self-titled debut album via that same medium.

In the words of the band, the tracks on 'Gods Robots', "share a message of positivity and optimism to get through life’s hurdles. All in all, the album is characterised by an undertone of collective power, unity and hope."

Gods Robots define a new sound which alongside a handful of other acts seamlessly blend English lyrics with a pop, reggae and bass music edge alongside classical Indian instrumentation and modern day production sensibilities. This is a follow up to their debut EP, Stormy Weather, which was released via Bit Torrent in late 2011.

You can purchase music from the iTunes store here and stream 'Gods Robots' in full below:



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