Border Movement Lounge Launches In Colombo

31 May 2013

Launching this Friday, the Border Movement Lounge will open it’s doors and krank up the volume at the newly renovated Goethe Institut building in Colombo.

Over the past few years, the Goethe Institut has supported underground electronic music by facilitating parties, shows, workshops and artist residencies both in Germany as well as the Subcontinent. The Institut has also organised larger projects to promote cross-cultural collaboration between artists in the region. An umbrella for these activities is our partner blog Border Movement. Acting as a communicator and cultural catalyst it has co-initiated and helped organise projects and events, such as SoundCamp South Asia/India and Pettah Interchange, Sri Lanka.

The vision for BML is to create a vivid platform in real life for both established and upcoming artists to gather, perform and experiment whilst giving Colombo-ites the opportunity to hear fresher sounds from the local scene.

Every two months the relaxed space with a quality sound system, laid-back atmosphere and colourful courtyard will open its doors to the public. With a hand-picked selection of artists showcasing their work each night, the lounge looks to foster a more open-minded and interactive culture of electronic music performance, alongside a new form of appreciation of the genre from local music communities.

Forthcoming BML evenings will also showcase other artistic aspects of electronic music culture such as video installations, films and live visuals. By inviting a variety of both established and lesser known artists, it hopes to break down barriers and explore the array of possibilties that are present in the fast evolving world of electronic music today.

If you are a Sri Lankan artist or a visitor interested in performing at BML please get in touch here

Full details:

Friday, 31st May 2013
Goethe Institut
39, Gregory’s Road
Colombo, Sri Lanka
7.30 pm – 10.30pm
Ravi B of the Good Music Movement, Sunara and Asvajit

Source: Border Movement


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