Watch: KiNK Build A Beat In 5 Minutes

28 May 2013

As part of the 'Against The Clock' video series, FACT TV recently asked house and UK bass music producer, XXXY to build a track in just over 10 minutes, and of course, we showed you how he got on.

The rules for each episode are simple: each artist picked has 10 minutes to make a track, starting from scratch. FACT TV then films the entire 10 minute process, and uploads it as a 10-minute video.

Against The Clock’s third episode, featured Bulgarian producer, KiNK. Yet what you're about to see below, went against the rules. In a good way.

Instead of sending through a 10-minute video, KiNK, did things a little differently: he sent FACT a video of him using vinyl acapellas and an array of studio gear to show off what he does for his live show in just five minutes (after pre-making samples and patches).

Can't say much positive about the track. It's still an impressive watch - take a peek:



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