Diplo & DJ BL3ND’s Managers Get Their Fists Out Over Facebook Likes

18 April 2013

It's apparently common knowledge that DJ BL3ND bought a bunch of Facebook fans, which does appear to make sense when you note that he has more ‘likes’ (over 3 million to be exact) than Diplo, Harwell and Kaskade put together.

At the IMS Engage conference yesterday in Los Angeles, during a discussion about social media tactics, Diplo, a panel member, alluded to the fact that DJ BL3ND may have purchased a large amount of his Twitter and Facebook fans, seemingly off-kilt considering he’d “only played a string of shows in the OC”.

BL3ND’s manager Steven Haddad was in the audience and questioned Diplo’s claims stating that his artist had played sold out shows in other states but was silenced when Diplo’s manager Kevin Kusatsu (also in the audience) told him to “shut up”.

Diplo apparently backtracked on these claims during the discussion. The two managers however, met afterwards for a chat which escalated into a fist fight that had to be broken up by conference officials. It is yet unclear who threw the first punch.

BL3ND’s Facebook page has since been taken over by Diplo lovers and trolls.

BL3ND is certainly not the first artist to have purchased ‘fans/likes’ on Facebook. 3 million just seemed a little excessive, there’s playing the game and then there’s rinsing the game.



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