Mumbai Gig Preview: The Scene At blueFROG

17 April 2013

Collaborations and properties seem to be the flavour of the musical season. Next in a long line of the duo - blueFROG and NH7 shack up to create 'The Scene.' No points for originality in title-work but it does promise to be a healthy little booster shot for all that indie has been, is, and wants to have a more defined space.

Armed with an arsenal of pre-gig promotion; think videos like 'shit scenesters say' doing the rounds, interviews with bands that have played an integral part in forming the scene or even the mere coining of words like 'scenester' - it all culminates tonight, 18 April at blueFROG, Mumbai. Depending on the turnout, 'The Scene' intends to realise many a scenester's dream by becoming a monthly event. With all the EDM support that's been going around, it's time someone floated this idea out there. In keeping with the 'community vibe' they're keen on spreading, they've kept space open for any band that want to sell their merchandise too.

As far as line ups go, this one looks to be one of the more interesting ones we've seen this year. Mumbai-based punk rockers, The Lightyears Explode, will be launching their debut album ' The Revenge of Kalicharan' at the gig. Skrat, Chennai-based alt-rockers who've earned stellar reviews everywhere since they went in for an aural makeover (this will be their first time in Mumbai since) will also be gracing the blueFROG stage. And finally, we have the curiosity-piquing, sublime sounds of Pune based outfit, Big City Harmonics to complete the three-way lineup. That covers three completely different sounds, acts and city-representation to boot.

If all of that's not enough to get you there, everyone enters free. Always a good incentive.

Words: Mandovi Menon



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