Honey Singh Recording Track For Die Hard 5, Really?!

23 January 2013

Honey Singh seems to accumulate controversy like most singers do gold chains and fast cars. There have been issues with his lyrics and untimely gigs. He's even had FIRs filed against him yet this obviously doesn’t seem to affect his rapid succession into at least 7 new deals for Bollywood projects.

This we get, Diehard we don’t, although apparently the rapper hasn’t been given enough time to prepare “an effort worth listening to”:

"They need the song in a week. I take at least three weeks to write and compose a song. If it's my first international song and that too for a franchise as well-known as Diehard, I've to make sure it's an effort worth listening to," explained Honey Singh.

Sounds like an easy get out clause for when his song doesn’t appear in the movie. Is this a really cheap publicity stunt or are we just too cynical?

Apparently the singer is also preparing a song about his experience last month with the moral police, fans can look forward to hearing the aptly titled ‘Bring Me Back’ premiere on MTV later next week.



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