DJ Uri Presents Feed Me >> Funk Me

8 November 2012

Spend any amount of time with DJ Uri and you’ll realise that he has a huge thing for food and not in an average ‘foody’ way. With most conversations steering their way towards eating, the man himself often proclaims to be a better cook than DJ.

It was with great delight that we found that Uri had been included in the infamous Hip-Hop Cookbook, a book that takes a look into the kitchens of iconic artists with recipes, short stories, biogs and photos. It includes a recipe to Kurtis Blow’s hot wings as well as some Latin recipies from the Harlem based Fearless-Four, Grandmixer DXT’s bbq bisquits and MC Queen Lisa Lee’s Caribbean jerk chicken.

Fresh from his 4 month tour around Europe, DJ Uri is hosting the official Indian launch for the Hip-Hop cook book at Bonobo in Mumbai this weekend (Saturday 10 November) by stepping into the kitchen and cooking for a select few, demonstrating why he has been chosen to be included in the legendary cook book. This will be followed by a night of music from, yes you've guessed it, DJ Uri.

For more details about the event head here.

Hip Hop Cook Book



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