Listen: Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets 'Songs From An Island'

27 September 2012

Chennai based indie/punk band Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets have again wowed fans with the release of their third album ‘Songs From An Island’.

The two part album tells the story of a 21st century arranged marriage between an ego dystonic lesbian and a software professional by presenting the thought of the characters in several crucial moments along its timeline.

The album is a journey that regresses from echoes of Elvis Costello into dark, grungy sounds that resonate strongly with the Pixies demonstrating the impressive creativity and talent of frontman Kishore Krishna. The aggressive lyrics combined with the volatile concept of the album reeks with a frustrating morishness. This is an album that grows on you and from track 6 and beyond, will reignite the inner angst within you. There is no room for negotiation here, this is an incredible album.

Stream the album in full below, part 2 titled ‘More Songs From An Island’ is due for release in December 2012.



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