Bringing New Sounds To Afghanistan: Sound Central Festival

28 September 2012

Sound Central Festival is Afghanistan and central Asia's first regional alternative music and arts festival.

Now in the second year after hosting its first edition in October 2011 with opening and closing nights in New York, the festival strives to fulfill its vision of building solidarity in a nonpartisan and musical way.

Next month with 5 days of pre-festival sideshows and 2 days of workshops between international and local musicians, Sound Central Music Festival 2012 is again bringing the city of Kabul together, only this time joining forces with one of our favourite production companies Future Cinema.

For those who may not have heard of them, Future Cinema are the brains behind Secret Cinema, Future Shorts, The Other Cinema, Secret Screenings and Secret Restaurant. They create imaginative and interactive large-scale cinematic experiences, fusing film with music, theatre and live performance.

Together they will be screening the groundbreaking film ‘La Haine’ featuring a live score by Asian Dub Foundation. The performance will open this years edition of Sound Central Festival, the second ever music and film festival in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“In 2011 we hosted the first alternative music festival in Afghanistan's history. This year Sound Central Festival is back again with a larger arsenal of music. Sound Central Festival has designed a new program for this year's festival that will include cinema and other performing arts and is bound to expand the visual consciousness of the Afghan crowd and inspire them to create their own visual arts scene.” - Travis Beard. Founder; Sound Central Music Festival.

You can watch a little video they've made to help source funding for the festival below. To donate head over here

Sound Central Festival 2012 Crowd Funding Vid from Combat Comms on Vimeo.



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