New Delhi Runs The Trap This Saturday

15 September 2012

This Saturday Delhi based electronic connoisseur Su-Real is set to combine forces with some of the city's most forward thinking DJ's in a one off party toting some of the most exciting producers/DJ's operating in 2012.

The bash will see Australia's Suckafish P Jones – member of the Banana Empire family alongside Cardopusher, Nehuen and Pacheko - headline, playing his debut show in Delhi following a handful of well received shows in Europe. He'll be supported by Delhi selectors Wild City DJ, Flash Hardcor, White Rabbit and of course Su-Real.

“The Trap is a space where the intersection of disparate worlds come together as if their blissful union were foretold in the stars.”- Su-Real

Since re-taking over bookings at the HKV institution of TLR, Su-Real and the bookings team have grown in strength with a music policy that touches on all shades of beats and bass music matched by a booking policy that has seen everyone from Rhythm Method, Tarik, Teddy Boy Kill and SnowShoe (Sept 21) on the billing.

This event is no different and perhaps exactly what the city desperately needs with the ever growing police presence at the otherwise laid-back Hauz Khas Village.

"As music nerds may be aware, there's a new nano-genre trending in the U.S where young EDM producers influenced by a particular style of rap music from southern U.S (Trap) are taking the sound and fixing it up with the latest EDM bells and whistles, creating nu trap, trap rave, trap house or trap whatever-you-wanna-call-it. The hype machine has really been pushing the hip-hop x EDM formula.

Over the last few months, a few DJ friends have been jamming in private sessions at TLR. We wanted to find a space where we could play our idiosyncratic styles of dance music late into the night. As the stars aligned and the right opportunity arose, the Trap has now been set. Saturday 15 September is the jump off." - Su-Real

Held at the curious Ssky Bar, 25 floors above Delhi in the heart of the capital, this promises to be a party like no other. With no set time for an end, we're expecting it to get mad and late.

Full line up, info and directions here


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