Wild City 027: Flash Hardcor

25 May 2012

"Super-villain DJ Flash Hardcor first appeared after a tragic accident during which radioactive particles of undiluted funk overwhelmed WAMH FM, the college radio station where he hosted a weekly hip-hop spectacular. The only survivor of the accident, Flash sought revenge by forcing hips to shake via a mind control system comprised of soul, electro, baile funk, fuzzy synths, kuduro, gun shot samples, steel drums and his proprietary and dangerous ‘Bollymore Guli Music' hybrid."

Well, kind of. Portland, Oregon born DJ and producer Flash Hardcor has been in India for just over 4 years. Having recently fled Bombay and settled in New Delhi, Flash has unleashed his funky bass gun on three continents over the course of the past decade, indirectly contributing to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the founding of the American Civil Rights Movement and India’s 2011 Cricket World Cup triumph.

Well, not really.

"In high school, when my best friend's older brother, a producer, started making dance tracks cobbled together from Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera samples decontextualized to sound like they were about necrophilia, I knew this whole computer music thing was for me. My life as a DJ started when my college radio partner in crime needed somebody to fill in for his mobile DJ gigs. Once I realised that I could get paid way too much money to play the Neptunes for shitfaced college students who were about to have bad sex, I was in, CDJ100 and all." - Flash Hardcor

Due to be playing at New Delhi's TLR this Saturday unleashing his genre defying take on dance music, Flash is one to watch out for, literally. I mean look at that tash. Such a sleeze.

http://soundcloud.com/thewildcity/wild-city-027-flash-hardcorDirect Download: Wild City #027 - Flash Hardcor


Azealia Banks - 212
Rountable Knights - Calypso
Mumbai Science - Researchers
Vato Gonzales - The Moombahstard
Riot Erp and DJ Melo - Carnivalito
jj - Beautiful Life
DJ Sliink - Put Cha Back In It
Uproot Andy - La Vida Vale La Pena
Bangers & Ass - B.O.O.T.A.Y
A Tribe Called Red - Intertribal No. 1
Baauer - Yaow!
Noms - Yakuza
Boy 8-Bit - Tropical Heat
Riot Earp - Carbon
Schlachthofbronx - Chupchik (feat. Kein Vorspiel)
Diplo - Newsflash (Metronomy Remix)

"I play maximalist music with funky beats, bass, fuzzy synth lines, vocal samples, and gun shots. In more explicit terms, this means electro, baile funk, moombahton, kuduro, thug rave, Baltimore/Philly/Jersey Club, dancehall and a lot of microgenres I can't be assed to remember the names of. Last week, my roommate asked me about the genre some track I was playing. I thought for a while and realised I had absolutely no idea what the cool kids on the blogs would call this shit these days. Big room dance music with weird noises. I'm fascinated by the potential of mixing old school bollywood tracks with dirty dancefloor beats but my production skill rarely lives up to my vision. My true heart, though, is hip-hop, funk and soul." - Flash Hardcor

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